The PAS Board of Directors is pleased to announce an open call for nominations (including self-nomination) for PAS Program Chair-elect. This is an outstanding academic leadership opportunity with the potential to have wide impact nationally and internationally across academic pediatrics.

An important change beginning in 2020:  The selected nominee will serve a four-year term: two years as Program Chair-elect (July 2020-June 2022) followed directly by two years as Program Chair (July 2022-June 2024). While serving as Chair-elect the chosen nominee will be teamed with the current PAS Program Chair, Dr. Patrick Brophy, for two years. As Program Chair the selected nominee will be teamed with a newly selected Chair-elect. The scholarly program offered each year is chosen by the PAS Program Committee under the leadership of the PAS Program Chair and Program Chair-elect.

The call for nominations will close on March 6, 2020. Selections will be made by the PAS Board of Directors by April 2020.

To nominate, please include

    • CV
    • Description of participation/leadership in prior PAS Meetings and/or other scholarly meetings
    • Description of prior involvement with the program planning and production of meetings, particularly the PAS Meeting, if applicable

Prerequisites for Selection:

    • Member in good standing of a PAS partner or alliance organization (AAP, APA, APS, SPR and ASPN, PIDS)
    • Recognized leader in academic pediatrics
    • Strong facilitator of consensus and decision-making
    • Preferred: Prior service on the PAS Program Committee (or another scholarly meeting’s program committee)
    • Able to attend the PAS Meetings 2021-2024 in Vancouver, Denver, Washington, D.C., and Toronto, respectively

As the premier North American scholarly child health meeting, the PAS Meeting plays an essential role in the advancement and dissemination of academic pediatric scholarship. The program offered each year is chosen by the PAS Program Committee under the leadership of the PAS Program Chair. The Program Chair fills a highly visible leadership role and impacts the direction of the academic pediatrics field. The current PAS Program Chair, Dr. Patrick Brophy, was preceded most recently by Drs. Thomas P. Shanley and Clifford W. Bogue.

For the past several years, the PAS Program Chair-elect spent one year “shadowing” the Program Chair. In recognition of the growth of the PAS Meeting and its widening impact on academic pediatrics, the PAS Board has sought to increase support for (and decrease the workload of) the PAS Program Chair by increasing the term of the Program Chair-elect to two years. The first Chair-elect year is designed be a “shadow” year. In the second year, the Chair-elect will take on limited responsibilities for guiding a portion of the PAS Program. When the Chair-elect becomes Chair, a new Chair-elect will similarly team with the Chair, lessening the Chair’s workload and providing increased continuity for the Program Committee. The Chair and Chair-elect will receive full support to attend the PAS Meeting as well as in-person Committee meetings and will have the full support of the PAS meeting staff.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and nomination of qualified candidates for this important position in our academic pediatrics community.